Herbal Candle Samhain

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Samhain herbal candle

At Samhain the old one ends and the new year begins - that night the veils between this and the other world dissolve.
Samhain is a feast of the ancestors, a soul festival.

This night we can use to honor our ancestors, to pay tribute to them, to ask them for special requests for support, or to say goodbye to topics in the ancestral line that we do not want to carry on.

Nature has withdrawn - her powers rest in the protection of Mother Earth. November is a quiet, quiet month, inviting us to pause and confidently venture

into the depths, into the descent of darkness.

On November 1, the graves will be decorated. Relatives and friends of the deceased visit the graves in the cemeteries and light candles as a sign of solidarity.

Other topics: retreat, silence, pause, introspection, rest and relaxation.

Text source: Allgäuer Kräuterwerkstatt GmbH

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