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Confident is the word "sight", a personal way of

looking at things. Those who are confident do not expect something in

the future, but have a firm conviction inside that everything is and

will be good and meaningful.
This attitude of mind is above desires

and hopes and keeps us firmly in life no matter what the circumstances

are. Confidence is not vague, but unshakeable. Therefore, she

persistently paves her way through the challenges of life.


sycamore map is considered a symbol of wholeness and is an impressive

survivor who shows us through his way of life the mastery of calm,

serenity and confidence.

He defies all resistance and feels

particularly good on steep slopes and screes, opens up poor soil and

even enriches it. He stretches his strong heart-root deep into the earth

and grows weightless towards the sky.

The mountain maple in the

candle is supported by the oil of bergamot, which also has a

mood-enhancing effect, gives self-confidence and a positive view of the

waves of life.

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