Herbal Candle Trust

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Through love and security we are born of childhood in the

cradle of our original trust, through which we can develop

self-confidence and confidence in others. It makes us feel positive,

gives us stability and allows us to stay present and with us. It creates

the foundation and foundation for a full and happy life. But external

influences, disappointed confidence in the big picture, in communities

or partnerships sometimes make us lose confidence in ourselves.


take the right place in life and shape it to our liking, we need that

primal trust in ourselves - that unshakeable knowledge that I feel and

do the right thing. The birch, despite its graceful touch, charisma and

lightness, is a tough tree that lives and survives under the harshest

conditions. At the same time, it stands for renewal and a new beginning -

it helps us to bring crusted structures back into the river - through

their purifying effect new energies are awakened and released. They

bring the courage to create positive patterns again. The birch is in the

community in connection with all others - but from negative external

influences, it can be distinguished by its special bark

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