Delivery conditions

Deliveries are possible to delivery addressesworldwide.

Advance payment: You order,we will send you the invoice immediately. On the same working day on which theinvoice amount is credited to our account, your goods will be shipped. You canalso speed up the delivery, payment in advance. You pay the invoice amount toyour bank, have the transfer process confirmed by the bank (no stamp byself-stamping machine) and fax us the invoice confirmed by your bank. Thisallows you to get your goods two to three days faster. The remaining terms andconditions can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Information on VAT for third countries

When delivered to third countries, non-EU countries, we draw our VAT(currently 19%) from your purchase. The client pays the resulting import tax inthe respective recipient country.Example: You order goods in our shop for € 50,00 we charge you € 42.02 plusfreight costs.

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