Herbal candle peace

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In everyone there is a longing for healing of the sorrow in the world, for a life in holy peace, in harmony with the natural flow of life

We humans are inseparably connected to the great whole.

It is like a web in which each unique individual - human, animal, plant,

is interwoven with the other creatures and elements.

Without vision there is no manifestation and only when we can see a positive future will we get there.

Together we have the power to change things - with our thoughts united into one thought and one mind.

With a hopeful and peaceful mind, in a positive vision, let us direct our thoughts to a picture of the earth
what it will look like when it is healthy again, what people will be like when they are in harmony with the natural spirit of life again.and let us turn our gaze inwards, towards ourselves - peace on the outside begins within us.

Peaceful thoughts, good words, upright actions.

(According to the peace principles of the Haudenosaunee)

The medicinal plants for the Peace Candle are carefully harvested in places of power where deep peace can be felt.

Text source: Allgäuer Kräuterwerkstatt GmbH

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